The MCAV is a graduate program that has as main objective to develop future composers who work in the film industry, television and video game. The academic program that combines theoretical and practical modules is unique in Europe for its excellence. Students will practice in RTVE and ECAM with latest equipment: recording with orchestra, informative and series production, studio mixes Dolby, creating short films to be screened at international film festivals and establish contact with producers, directors and musicians regarding in the environment in Spain. The mcav is the gateway to the audiovisual industry.

Addressed to: Composers academic training or self-taught, professional composition for film, television and video games, music students, sound artists and performers who want to delve into the art of image composition, and knowledge of the audiovisual industry

Degree: Master of Art Education in Composition Studies.

Credits: 60 ECTS

Mode: Face: 304 hours face.

Duration and Timing: 12 months from October 2013 to October 2014. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Alternate Weekends

PROESORADO: Alfons Conde, Quintas Borja, Carlos Duque, Christian Dierstein, Cristina Sitz Gento, Fernando Velázquez, Juan Carlos White, Juan José Solana, Lorelei Dowling, Paloma Ortiz de Urbina, Pierre Strauch.


I: Composition Asudiovisuales (Film, TV, Video Game)

• Narrative Analysis. Screenplay: genre, structure and characters

• audiovisual composition techniques

• Advanced Orchestration

• Composition with computing resources (HR)

II: Instrumental Techniques and Production

• recording and mastering techniques in Film and Television

• recording and mastering techniques for electroacoustic music

• Conducting

• Sound technical resources in contemporary music

III: Research Resources

• Documentation and film files (DOC)

• Business models and copyright (MOD)

• Philosophy and visual aesthetics

IV: Research and Creative Projects

• Creating Master Final Project (Film)

• Performing practical project (TV and Video Game)

• Research Working Final Master

• Research Techniques

Price: € 6,500.00 (Possibility of payment by installments)

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